DDF Bakery (LookUp Table Texture Maker)


DDF Bakery is a tool which can make LUT(Lookup table) textures which are used for optimizing method at HLSL programming.

First, User write the HLSL codes in DDF Bakery project which are exported(baked) to a LUT texture. Before baking textures, this tool provide many options that consist of texture size, texture format and channels.


If the users click the Preview button, they can confirm the LUT texture before baking.


Extension of The LUT texture is ‘DDF’. so, I also add a new function in engine(UE3) to import this texture file.

DDF file format support texture format below.

DDF File Format Imported Texture Format
UINT 1 channel PF_A8B8G8R8
UINT 2 channels PF_A8B8G8R8
UINT 3 channels PF_A8B8G8R8
UINT 4 channels PF_A8B8G8R8
HALF 1 channel PF_R16F
HALF 2 channels PF_G16R16F
HALF 3 channels PF_A16B16G16R16F
HALF 4 channels PF_A16B16G16R16F
FLOAT 1 channel PF_R32F
FLOAT 2 channels PF_G32R32F
FLOAT 3 channels PF_A32B32G32R32F
FLOAT 4 channels PF_A32B32G32R32F



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